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Building a house?

Here are some tips.

When building a new house, everyone wants to make that house perfect.  Unfortunately, it's hard to plan for every aspect of your future needs and wants.  What is not important to you now might become very important to you down the road. The infrastructure laid in the house during construction can limit or expand your house's capabilities.  This infrastructure is referred to as the structured wiring or "pre-wire". Using the check list below, make a list of the systems you are potentially interested in.  We always recommend that if you're on the fence about prepping for one of these systems, you might as well prep for it now while it's easy.  



_Lighting Control

_Background Audio


_Cell Signal Booster

_Distributed Video

_Background Audio

_HVAC Control

_Surround Sound


_Motorized Shades/Drapery


_Water Detection

_Fire & CO Detection 

_Pool Control

Have any questions? Contact us! We'd love to help you with this process and give you our experienced insight.

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