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A custom lighting control system gives you complete control over the lighting in your home at any time and from anywhere. It can help create the desired mood for any occasion with a push of a button. Eliminate the need for multiple switches taking up space on the wall by replacing them with an easy to use and stylish keypad. Lighting control also helps you save energy with many dimming possibilities and by self-adapting to your lifestyle. Once you've experienced life with lighting control, you will never go back.

Lutron started in 1961 and has become the measure to which all others are compared.  But this isn't surprising when you're talking about the company that invented the dimmer a long with 2700 other world patents.  Today Lutron offers over 15,000 different products and is the name of functionality and durability in the lighting world.

lighting control, Lutron

Lutron offers hundreds of unique styles and colors of keypads, switches, and dimmers to give your home that perfect match of look and functionality. 

If you really want to see your home's potential, pair your lighting control with a home automation system and unlock the endless possibilities.  

Savant, lighting control, Lutron

Each year, installed Lutron products save nearly 10 billion kWh of energy.  


 This is equivalent to:


  • 7 million metric tons of CO2.

  • Taking 1.5 Million cars off the road.

  • Avoiding consumption of 16 million barrels of oil.

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